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Supernatural St Andrews

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It’s been a long time coming, around 20 years between first starting to gather the ghost stories of the town to finally finishing the research and compiling the tales into one volume, but finally Supernatural St Andrews is finished. I am really pleased with how this book has come out, and I believe it to probably be the most historically complete collection of ghost tales from the town, with the background to all of the main ghosts uncovered and long forgotten spooks and stories re-discovered.

With maps and plenty of photographs, readers can easily visualise the various locations as they read about them, and people visiting the town can follow the routes or I will be more than happy to offer personalised tours for small to medium sized groups whenever possible, please use the ‘contact’ section on this page if you are interested.

The book is available on Kindle now, with the paperback to follow soon. This book is also the first in a new venture, Haunted Publishing. Loads of work ahead of me!

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It’s been a long time!

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The title says it all, it’s been a while since I posted! An ongoing and worsening shoulder injury has made the work on my new book slow going! Still, it’s almost there, and at around 45,000 words and 70 plus photographs will be a decent sized book. I now have a mock-up for the cover, which I’m pleased with though might want to change the font for the text.



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Due to be visiting Edinburgh soon. Several places on the ‘to visit’ list for 2 new books, one exploring the less well known ghost stories of Edinburgh, and the other focusing on the witches and wizards from Scotland’s history. Greyfriars Kirkyard will be included as well and taking 2 cameras this time as last time the battery kept draining when taking photographs in the Covenanter’s prison. I will post some photos later in the week.

Inveraray Castle

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Despite being interested in the paranormal all of my life, and researching it for over thirty years, one thing I love about working on a new book is leaning more. I have just finished a section on Inveraray Castle for my next book, tentatively titled ‘Haunted Castles and Houses of Scotland’. I was aware the castle was reportedly haunted and knew about the spirits, but the ghost battle in the sky was a new one for me! I have checked out the dates and what was witnessed and been able to tie it up to actual events.

The haunting is said to have taken place in July, 1748 when a local physician and two colleagues witnessed a strange event while walking in the estate, which was also witnessed by two women who were walking in a different part of the estate. It is said that in the sky above the castle, they saw figures appear and a ghostly battle take place. All of them described it as though Highland soldiers were attacking a fort which appeared to be held by French soldiers. Eventually the Highlanders were beaten back and had to retreat, leaving many of their dead and injured comrades as they were pursued by the French. Several weeks later the news was received that there had been a battle at Fort Ticonderoga in what is now New York State, USA. An army of fifteen thousand British and Colonial troops, led by General James Abercrombie, had attacked the fort, which was being held by the French. Despite several attempts, the British and Colonial troop were unable to breach the forts defensive walls having suffered heavy casualties, they were forced to withdraw. Almost two thousand men lost their lives in the battle, almost five hundred of which were from the Scottish regiment, the Black Watch.

 It appears what was witnessed above the castle was a type crisis apparition, which is when someone who is not dead but is in great peril appears in front of a loved one to alert them to their crisis. Why so many appeared at the same time and at the castle during their moment of peril remains a mystery and it is clearly a haunting that cannot happen again as the battle has long passed. If the castle does attract some form of crisis haunting for a mass crisis of Scots abroad, a recurrence of the sight with a different incident cannot be excluded.

Inveraray has the appearance of a fairy-tale castle, but seems to attract something more sinister.

Image  I must go back soon to get some better photographs!

Crawford Priory

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Crawford Priory

I took a trip out to Crawford Priory today. Despite the name, the building was never used as a priory, but was in fact a country mansion re-designed to look like a gothic priory. It is recognised as one of the most important pieces of gothic architecture in the country, so it is such a shame to see it being left to fall apart.

Unfortunately the building it too dangerous now to get inside and the trees/bushes that surround it are over grown, so photographs aren’t that easy to take, but I got a few.

Lady Crawford, who designed and lived at the house, is said to still walk the grounds. More details will be in the next book!

New Beginnings

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Welcome to my new blog.

I have been writing for almost a year now, initially short paranormal stories and now collating the years of visiting haunted locations together into e-books. The first novelette I wrote, Rise of the Witch, has now been extended (at the request of readers) to a novel.

My books can be found on my pages on Amazon:

I have recently had a proposed book accepted by a main publisher looking at local ghost stories, so decided it was appropriate to take the step into proper blogging, so here goes! I’ll be coming back on a regular basis to update the blog and will be sharing some of the photographs and experiences I have during exploring reputedly haunted places, as well as details of how the fictional work is going.

Thanks for reading