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Cyril the Haunted Doll

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After introducing Cyril in my last post, I have now started to carry out some tests on him to see if the doll really does have the spirit of Cyril attached to it. Initially I left the doll beside the EMF meter and waited, after a few minutes, the meter activated, showing there was a change in the electro-magnetic field. This lasted about a minute before all went quiet again. I waited a bit longer and again the meter measured an increase in the electro-magnetic field for a short while.

Cyril making his presence known?

After the emf meter had been activated a few times, I switched it to communication mode and waited again. Once it found a connection, I started to ask questions, asking that the needle is activated once for yes and twice for no.

Cyril, test 1

In the above video you will note the meter does register a positive response to the question ‘is your name Cyril’. An earlier test gave a negative response. To try to rule out a fault in the meter, I repeated similar questions several times, but switched between asking for the meter to be activated once for yes and twice for yes. Every time the same negative or positive responses came up for the same questions, including the name.

Cyril, test 2

I can’t say 100% that the doll does have the spirit of Cyril attached. What I can however say is that in repeated tests, the meter indicted the same answers to the same questions with me varying the number of times the meter was to be activated for the responses. Interesting times are ahead!!